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If you're young, talented and you dream about being on Broadway, then becoming a musical theater actor might be your best choice. Everyone loves to go to see a Musical and many more kids and teens want to on stage than ever before. The romantic idea of acting on the Broadway is now considered an attainable goal for many.

Just like any other type of acting, becoming a Musical Theater Actor takes luck, tremendous patience, hard work, proper training, and determination. Many people have the misconception that all you need is good look and the ability to read some lines to become a star. This couldn't be further from the truth! Theatrical acting takes a tremendous amount of work. But, if you have the talent, it can be done. It starts with the audition.

It is important that an actor be well-rehearsed before going in for the audition. An actor should be involved in acting classes, and they will usually go to an acting coach before their audition to make sure they are as prepared as possible. It is also important to arrive at least 15 minutes before your audition time. Being late will almost guarantee that you won't book the job, or ever get called in for another audition with that casting director.

For a musical theater audition, one will need to be prepared for either the dance or singing portions of the audition. For dance-heavy shows, there may be a dance call, which is separate from the singing and acting portions of the audition process. Here, prospective talent will usually be taught a combination in the room, and then expected to quickly learn and perform it in front of the creative team. It is important to always have confidence while performing, and to always be aware of facial expressions, as this is where the casting directors will be focusing most.

There are many stages to the musical theater audition process, and an actor can get called in several times before either getting the part, or finding out they just weren't quite right for it. It can be physically and mentally exhausting. Although, the long wait and energy put into it can be well worth it if you end up booking the job. Once again, patience is a very important virtue if you want to make it as a Broadway star.

It's important to remember that if you leave a good impression with the casting director, they will keep you in mind for future roles. Ironically, sometimes not booking a role, can lead to an even better opportunity in the future. That's why it's imperative to treat every audition with the same amount of professionalism. You can't win every time, but the more times you audition and give it your all, the better chances you will have of landing the role you've always dreamed of!