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Are you a teenager that has been told that you're a natural performer? Do you have a great or unique look, a memorable personality, and can take direction well? If so, acting just might be the career you've always dreamed of. With proper training, time, and dedication, you very well could see yourself on the big screen, television, on the stage, or starring in a commercial someday. The time to start is now!

Most successful actors began their careers in their teen years. There are many opportunities available for this age range. Teens are one of the most commonly cast age groups in the entire acting field. The reason for this is because teens are very versatile and useful in the acting industry. For instance, a sixteen year old can often times play a thirteen year old, or a twenty year old. However, it would be very difficult to impossible for a twenty year old to play thirteen.

Your first step is to get an agent as soon as possible. They will be your ticket to auditions. An agent has the ability to see what roles are being offered for film, television, theater, and commercials. If they think your character type matches a role being offered, they will submit your headshot and resume to the casting director of the project. From there, if the project's casting department thinks your look and experience fit the role, they will call you in for an audition.

It is imperative that when you arrive at an audition you are well prepared. You must be professional and comfortable with your ability to perform the character you're auditioning for. Every audition or shoot must be treated with the utmost determination to impress everyone involved. The only way you can be prepared is with the guidance of an acting coach and class. Working with your fellow acting peers you will help you hone in on your talent, thus making your audition one that will eventually cast you in a roles and make you shine on set.

With proper training and dedication, your dream to be an actor can become a living, breathing reality. This means taking acting classes, auditioning, being patient, but most of all, having fun. If you're not having fun then acting isn't right for you. The best acting coach will tell you that if you can see yourself doing anything else besides acting, you should pursue that instead! It must be in your soul. Fame or monetary gain can not be your motivation to do this. It's about having your heart in the right place and keeping your mind dedicated to your goal. Doing this will bring you success and happiness in the acting world. Start your acting class today!