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The best time to start acting is when you're a kid. Casting Directors will see kids without any credits or acting experience. As long as your child really wants to act and has the mental and emotional stability to handle working, the possibilities for them are endless. Like any job, acting takes time, patience and dedication, which is very important for parents of child actors to understand.

The child must have the personality for acting, be able to take direction well, and remember lines. They will need to take acting classes and continuously work closely with a personal acting coach. Depending on shooting schedules, they may not be able to attend public school, and instead the studio will provide them a personal tutor who they will study with on set. If your child matches this profile, and many do, there is a world of possibilities for them in the acting industry.

Getting an agent is also much easier for children. Agents love kids with gregarious personalities and a great or interesting look. However, it's not just about being adorable. It's often the unique qualities in your child that make them marketable. Whether it be her red hair and freckles, or his big glasses and endearing laughter, it's the originality of the person that makes an agent take notice of them. There's a role every type of child.

It is imperative, whether your child is twelve or five, to have a certain air of maturity beyond their years. This will aid them in the auditioning process because they need to convince the casting director they will be able to work on set responsibly. The first step is to get an agent. Every child considering a career in acting needs an agent. An agent is the only way for them to get the necessary exposure to begin their future as an acting star! For more information on agents for kids, check out the Talent Agents section.